If you had a choice, would you apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin, or would you choose to apply a soothing, collagen stimulating therapy to enhance you skin’s appearance?  At Dermatique Medical Center in Westlake Village we offer three different “today’s peels” to help rejuvenate your skin with no downtime.

Our Pomegranate Peel is specially designed for Epidermal Leveling to help lavish your skin with antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and support the life span of healthy cells.  This peel works to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly stimulate collagen.  Great for  hyperpigmentation, Fitzpatrick (all), environmental/sun damage.

Our Purity Peel is an intense formulation designed to penetrate oil to correct skin conditions such as acne and enlarged pores. The unique blend of acids in Purity Peel clears the skin of blemishes and heals acne lesions, reduces inflammation and exfoliates the skin to reveal a glowing, dewy complexion. For acne (all grades), oily skin, enlarged pores, control of sebaceous activity, Fitzpatrick (all types), hyperpigmentation.

Our Benefit Peel is a “peel” for everyone regardless of skin type or skin condition. This powerful antioxidant peel delivers vital nutrients into the skin layers that matter and has the calming, healing benefits of vitamin C. Repairs, nourishes and protects.  The Benefit Peel is great for cosmetic acne, sensitive skin, rosacea, photodamage, Fitzpatrick (all).

For more information or to book a free consultation to see which peel is best for you, call Dermatique Medical Center for Advanced Skincare at 805-230-1111.

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