Skin Care: It’s All the Rage

In this day and age of instant gratification, many people are looking for that instant fix.  Whether is be a pill, surgery or whatever, the true course to better health, and in particular, better skin, is slow and steady.  So what is the latest is skin care?  I will address this in 500 words or less to help you get a feel for what is available, what the various products can do, and what one can expect.

For beginners, skin care products fall in a regulatory zone that can be misleading to the consumer.   The term “cosmeceutical” used to describe many skin care products available today, is not recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.  Consequently, the FDA only regulates products making certain claims.  So what should one look for?  First, safety is the ultimate concern.  Is the product safe and effective with the ingredients listed on the packaging?  Second, have the ingredients been studied, tested, and found to be safe and effective?  If so, for what conditions?

Ultimately, the consumer is left to their own means to determine if a product is right for them.  This comes down to feel, ease of application, fragrance, lack of adverse reactions, and the clinical effect on their particular skin.  To quote a particular adverse reaction, the FDA forced cosmetic manufacturers to place a warning label on products containing alpha- hydroxy acids (AHA’s) due to increased sun sensitivity seen with this component.  Claims made by manufacturers of certain products must be looked at with some degree of skepticism when they make claims such as:

-reduces deep wrinkles from within the skin

-produces more collagen

-burns more fat

Most product manufacturers are ethical and make representations that do not oversell the results so the final decision will rest with whether you enjoy using the product, you notice some positive effect, and it does not cause any untoward side effects.

At Dermatique wr have taken the time, energy and effort to ensure that all of the products we sell make the consumer feel good and our specific to their skincare needs.  They are safe and effective for enhancing the look and feel of the skin.  Ultimately, you the consumer will determine the effectiveness of ours or any other product on the market since it always comes down to an individual’s personal preference.

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