Chiral Corrected

AT Dermatique Skin Spa we use the Cosmedix Skincare line which is Chiral Corrected.

Chiral Technology is based on the 1848 discovery by Louis Pasteur that all molecules have 2 identical sides or shapes. Scientific research has also confirmed that although both sides of a molecule may appear identical, they do not always feature the same properties or benefits. In contrast, it has also been firmly established that the human body is selective about which side of a particular molecule shape is able to form a perfect bond with the skin’s cells (or cell receptors) in order for that particular ingredients benefits to absorb.

When a product is Chirally Correct, it means that it contains only the side of the molecules with the ability to give the desired results (by the way, always identified on the product label by either an L for the left side of the molecule or D for the right side, before each of the ingredients). When you use only the “effective” side of an ingredient molecule you are guaranteed that each ingredient has the greatest targeted benefits possible.

Chiral technology makes it possible for us to give you a product that is better than synthetic or even natural alone, because the additional step of separating the molecules (Chiral purification) allows us to remove the undesirable side of the ingredient molecule and use only the desirable one. Which increases the absorption rate, resulting in ensuring you the full benefit of that particular ingredient.

It is artificial ingredients that are often the dangerous ones, not the synthetic ones. The synthetic ones are only dangerous if they are not Chirally correct, and the same goes for natural ingredients. For both synthetic and natural it is important to use the molecule that is the most effective while also being the safest.

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